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Heat your hot water for FREE

Free E Diagram

Imagine if we said there was a way you could heat your hot water for free. Good, right? If you’re one of the 815,000 homes in the UK that already has solar PV technology installed in your home, then the idea can become a reality thanks to our new Free-E.

Currently, homes that generate electricity through solar PV panels benefit from the government’s Feed In Tariff, which pays between 5-12p per kWh generated. In addition, the scheme deems that 50 per cent of the electricity generated will be exported back to the grid whether it’s used by you or not.

So how does the Free-E help you heat your water for free?

Putting it simply, the intelligent management system directs surplus energy generated by the solar PV installation to the immersion heater in your home’s hot water tank. An Energy Meter, located at the incoming mains, monitors the flow of electricity and transmits this information wirelessly to Free-E. If surplus energy is available, Free-E will divert this energy to the immersion heater rather than allowing it to be exported back to the national grid, meaning your hot water will be heated for free.

There’s still good news even if you don’t have an existing solar PV installation, as the Free-E system can be fitted as part of a package with a new installation.

And don’t imagine you can only use your Free-E and PV system during summer months. In fact, on sunny, cold days, when the air temperature is cool, the system is actually working most efficiently – so don’t delay, install today!