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Quantum and Q-rad electric heater

The Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce is a membership organisation which provides a full range of business support services, ranging from networking, international trade, business support to representation for more than 1,200 members. The Chamber of Commerce covers Kent & Medway, and monitors and responds to issues of specific local relevance from its headquarters on the Ashford business park.

It had become clear that the Chamber of Commerce business unit headquarters, which also includes conferencing facilities for local businesses, required modernisation to deliver more comfortable working conditions. There was also an urgent need to ensure the building would be compliant with the upcoming 2018 Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) regulations.

However, the legacy heating system deployed at the Chamber’s headquarters used outdated electric storage heaters. These were proving to be both inefficient to operate and where failing to delivering the required EPC compliance rating.

On the recommendation of Terry Baker Electrical Ltd, a member of the Chamber and also part of the Dimplex Quantum installer network, the Chamber selected Dimplex’s unique Quantum off-peak electric heating system to deliver improved efficiency, lower running costs and improve comfort at the headquarters.

Terry Baker, director at Terry Baker Electrical Contractor Ltd, said: “As part of the Dimplex Quantum installer network we are familiar with the benefits of the system and it seemed the obvious choice for this installation, together with Dimplex Q-Rad for additional heating when it is needed in some rooms.”

Replacing 22 old electric heaters, the new heating system compromising of Dimplex Quantum QM70 and QM150 heaters and Dimplex’s intelligent Q-Rad electric radiators was installed throughout the building, including meeting rooms, offices, corridors and the atrium.

“Dimplex Quantum is simple to install, covers the footprint of existing heaters and delivers outstanding results in terms of efficiency, control and running costs for the end user,” explained Baker.

The innovative heaters draw energy during cheaper, off-peak periods and offer controllable heat on demand. An intelligent controller monitors the Chamber’s heating habits and provides easy operation at the touch of a button. They are already proving popular in domestic properties for their energy-efficient, cost-saving benefits – and this installation shows their potential in selected commercial environments too.  

The Q-Rad electric radiator, which was installed in the toilets and in two of the meeting rooms, includes a self-learning algorithm with delayed start feature. This means the heaters are able to calculate when they need to start heating in order to reach the target temperature defined by the Chamber of Commerce’s building management staff, and at a specified time.

Together, the Quantum and Q-Rad heaters deliver an innovative solution to replace outdated storage heaters, combining the off-peak efficiency and controllability of Quantum with the intelligence and immediacy of Q-Rad electric radiators.

Richard Lavender, director of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, said: “Following the installation of Dimplex Quantum heaters throughout the Chamber of Commerce headquarters, not only has our EPC rating for the building increased from F to E, but our workforce now benefits from a far more comfortable working environment. The installation was completed with minimum disturbance and we are delighted with the results.”

This lifting of the EPC rating of the building crucially ensures that the headquarters is compliant with the new MEPS regulations.

“Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce has already seen the positive impact it has had on the building’s EPC rating and I am confident the benefits will continue to add up as we head into winter,” Baker concluded.

Case Study: Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce