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A deceptively real looking Opti-myst® fire, with its captivating fully three-dimensional flame and smoke effect, is encased in a luxurious surround handcrafted in a choice of micro-marble or limestone.

This exclusive range of fireplace suites is presented in three designs, with a choice of inset or outset, and four materials to ensure the Opti-myst® fire is the warm, comforting centrepiece of any room.




Select from three stunning designs

The graceful blend of sharp lines and soft curve of Antigua

The simple modernist elegance of Bali (available with or without shelf option).

The refined, traditional styling of Mustique




Select installation type

Indulgence suites support both outset or inset installations.

When opting for the latter installation the Opti-myst® fire can be inset into the wall, providing a sleeker look to the Indulgence surround. Outset enables the suite to be placed flat to the wall 




Choose your material

Dimplex offers a choice of three polished Mirco-marble materials:

Crema Rosa, a warm mocha marble with hints of autumnal colour playing

Creme Sion, captures the romance of the Italian Alps with a smoky matrix

Polari, emulates the classical purity of white Aegean marblesof Mustique







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