Controlling your installed heating

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Dimplex installed heaters can be controlled by a range of different modules or central programmers. This allows a system to be specifically designed for the home, while keeping its operation simple.

This range of controllers provides fully programmable energy saving control for Dimplex electronic panel heaters, providing unmatched levels of versatility and energy efficiency.

With options ranging from 24 hour digital timers for individual heaters, through to single or 4-zone multi-heater programmers, there is a flexible and easy to use control solution available to meet the needs of virtually any home application.

Four zone control

A wall mounted controller that can operate four separate heating zones and provides a complete system rated from a single point

Single zone controls

This zone programming cassette plugs directly into the heater

Ancillary controllers

This pilot wire interface unit controls ancillary appliances, such as towel rails or water heaters