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Island Heat Wave

Edel Hot Water Heat Pump saving running costs for Jersey homeowner

Dimplex’s Edel renewable water heater cuts Jersey homeowner’s bills by 80 per cent

The Dimplex Edel air source hot water heat pump has proved its credentials as an exceptionally efficient, easy to install and cost-effective renewable water heating system for one resident on the island of Jersey.

Upgrading his outdated immersion heater to a Dimplex hot water cylinder was all it took for Adrian Hadley to cut his electricity bill by almost 80 per cent - saving him nearly £300 a year.

Energy Solutions, a department of Jersey Electricity, were eager to see Dimplex’s innovative hot water heat pump system installed and working on the Island. Having recently moved into a one bedroom flat on the Island, Adrian, jumped at the chance to trial the system, replacing the ageing electric water heating system at his 1990s-built property with a brand new Edel.

With the Channel Island’s gas prices almost three times higher than the rest of the UK, like 98% of all new builds on Jersey, Adrian uses electricity to heat his home and water supply.

In recent years, driven by updates to the Crown Dependency’s Building Bye-Laws, Energy Solutions has experienced growing demand from architects and developers looking for compliant renewable water heating technology.

As such, the Energy Solutions team sought to introduce an energy efficient product into the market that not only offers superior cost-savings but can also be easily installed. Having already sold more than 10,000 air source heat pump hot water cylinders across Europe, Dimplex decided it was time to bring the product to its UK markets, including Jersey.

The Dimplex Edel hot water cylinder is a unique system which uses an integrated high-performance compressor to extract energy for hot water production from the external air using insulated duct work. Based on a miniature air source heat pump, the Edel delivers renewable heating directly into the cylinder and uses up to a third less electricity than direct acting water heaters.

A modern replacement

The straightforward installation saw Jersey Electricity Building Services (JEBS) directly replace the old cylinder in Adrian’s airing cupboard with a 200L Dimplex Edel, which is also available in a larger 270L capacity.

All previous pipework and wiring were easily adapted to the new system, including two six inch ducts exiting the top of the Edel heater – one which supplies fresh air from outside to the heat pump, while the other expels cooled air to the outside after the heat has been extracted.

To trial the heat pump’s performance over a number of months, a range of monitoring equipment was also put in place.

Adrian Hadley said: “The Dimplex Edel is simply amazing and I’m shocked at how cheap it is to run. The results were instantaneous from the point I upgraded the heating system. The average price for heating water on the old immersion heater was around £30 per month; last month, I paid around £6.30. That’s a saving of more than £288 across the year or a reduction of almost 80 per cent!”

Dimplex Edel Hot Water Heat Pump - Jersey

300% Efficiency

While monitoring its performance, results showed that the Edel is also incredibly efficient for large families and businesses with high hot water demand. During days of peak demand when 240L of hot water was used, the Edel delivered 2.98 units of heat for every one unit of electricity - equating to an impressive efficiency rate of 300 per cent*.

Commenting on the trial’s success, Peter Cadiou, Head of Commercial Services at Jersey Electricity Energy Solutions, said: “We’re very pleased by the results of the trial which shows that, when it comes to practicality, efficiency and subsequent cost-savings, the Dimplex Edel is a fantastic product that offers something different to anything else currently on the market.

“Due to changes in Jersey’s building by-laws putting greater onus on architects and developers to use renewable heating technology, we’ve had a number of enquiries looking for the right product so it’s great to be able to demonstrate the capabilities of a compliant system that also offers excellent performance and improved comfort and controllability.

“One of the key benefits for us has been the hassle-free installation. It took a plumber just one day to replace the old cylinder in Adrian’s flat with the new heater, and a few hours for the electrician to fix the wiring.”

Market potential

Christian Hadley, head of product marketing for Dimplex, said: “As a lower carbon alternative to electric immersion heaters, Adrian’s trial shows the huge opportunity available for homeowners, private landlords, social housing providers and businesses to capitalise on the benefits of electric heating by upgrading to the Dimplex Edel hot water heat pump. 

“Great strides have been made by manufacturers to develop electric heating appliances that can contribute towards a lower carbon heating system such as the intelligent Dimplex Q-Rad electric radiator, but it is no longer cost-effective to continue reducing carbon emissions from space heating.

“Instead, architects and specifiers must look at ways to improve the SAP rating of a property through innovative electric hot water appliances, an area where there has previously been very little reduction in carbon emissions.

“The Edel hot water heat pump delivers a truly effective way to improve the SAP rating of a property and cut heating bills.”