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London’s Coolest Hotel Warms Up With Dimplex Optimyst Technology

Dimplex Opti-myst Novotel Canary Wharf

Dubbed by Forbes as “London’s coolest new hotel,” the Novotel London Canary Wharf opened in April 2017, with 39 stories offering 313 guest rooms, a contemporary restaurant and an impressive rooftop bar with stunning 360 views across the London skyline.

With state-of-the art facilities and interior design features throughout, it is little wonder that AccorHotels UK wanted to create a warm, welcoming and unforgettable first impression as guests entered their £90 million hotel. 

Joey Goei-Jones, project manager for AccorHotels, comments: “For the lounge area, we wanted a fire that would entice guests to linger and enjoy the hotel facilities. However a real fire wouldn’t have been feasible due to health and safety considerations, not to mention the extraction required. Plus, the heat output would be entirely unnecessary during summer months. We needed a solution which would give us an effect that would be indistinguishable from real flames.”

Whilst researching options, Joey’s team came across Dimplex’s Optimyst effect, which uses unique, state-of-the-art, patented technology to create the world’s most realistic electric flame effect – a highly convincing illusion of ‘flames’ and ‘smoke’.

Joey continues: “Dimplex showed us an Optimyst installation at The Ritz and we were immediately sold. We had limitless design possibilities. With various different sizes available, we were able to specify exactly the dimensions we required and then construct bespoke joinery to perfectly fit the feature like a glove. And as the only ongoing maintenance required is to keep the water tank at the required levels, we were able to install plumbing to satisfy this, which was far easier than installing heat extraction.”

The Dimplex Optimyst fire is set alongside a built-in L-shaped bench area, which takes pride of place in the middle of room. Serving as a friendly focal point, it is the first thing guests see as they come up the stairs.

Joey adds: “We’ve experienced no issues since installing the fire and we’ve received great feedback from guests who clearly enjoy the ambience and lovely effect that it creates. 

“Everybody loves it and can’t believe the flames aren’t real. The lounge is air-conditioned at a cool and comfortable set temperature and, even during heatwaves, we have seen guests approaching it for that little extra warmth, only to realise it’s all an illusion. We’ve then seen them gingerly putting their hands through the flames in wonder!” 

Jonathan Smith, product manager at Dimplex, comments: “The Novotel London Canary Wharf is a state-of-the-art hotel with the latest technology clearly playing a major part in what the hotel stands for. Even as guests enter the hotel, they are met by hotel staff with ipads for a simplified, effective check-in process. 

“We’re delighted to see our patented technology take centre stage in the lounge area and that guests have been enthralled by the smoke and flame effect.”

Joey concludes: “Optimyst has given us a solution for a year-round centrepiece, ticking all the design, safety and maintenance boxes.  We’ll definitely be looking to feature Optimyst in other sites that are currently in development.”

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