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Mythbusters: Electric fires

Electric fires

Today we are looking at some of the common misconceptions associated with heating and air treatment technology, and how modern appliances are helping to dispel the myths.

Myth #1: There is no demand for electric fires

Many people make the assumption that customers who have gas central heating will inherently prefer a gas fire. This simply isn’t the case. More than 57% of electric fires are actually bought for gas centrally heated homes. This could be due to the safety and maintenance free aspect of electric fires compared to gas. They require virtually no maintenance, are easy to install and don’t produce any harmful fumes, therefore giving all the benefits of a gas fire, but with the simplicity and safety of electric.

Myth #2: They don’t run efficiently

Electric heaters, a category that electric fires fall under due to producing heat via a fan, actually run at 100% efficiency at the point of use - ensuring that all the heat generated goes into the room. This is unlike open-flued gas fires where up to 75% of the heat generated gets ‘lost up the chimney’ along with the exhaust gasses. Flueless gas fires are also 100% efficient, however they require an air vent to be installed in the room which cannot be closed off even when the gas fire isn’t operating, resulting in draughts. This is a huge bonus for electric fires as it ensures the homeowner a maximum efficiency product that is also completely safe to use compared to gas equivalents. 

Myth #3: Installation of fires is a hassle

A large number of Dimplex electric fires don’t even require a fireplace in the home and simply plug into a 13 amp socket, so installation not only takes just minutes, your customers will save on installation costs too. Compared to gas fires the installation of electric is fast, easy and safe, saving on the requirement for qualified gas installers and easy to move and position wherever is best in the room.

Myth #4: The electric flame effect isn’t realistic 

Dimplex Optimyst fires offer the most realistic flame effect on the market. Using patented ultra-fine water mist technology, the fully three-dimensional effect creates an illusion of flames and smoke for a result that surpasses all expectations for realism in an electric fire.

Electric fires should not be overlooked when it comes to specifications in properties that use gas central heating. They offer massive benefits for customers including safety and simplicity when compared to their gas counterparts and with the new technology on the market, have a truly realistic effect that has to be seen to be believed.