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Mythbusters: Electric Fires

auberry opti-myst stove

For most of us, we associate a warm, cosy home with a glowing fireplace, gently crackling in the background as we spend quality time with our families, but many people are put off investing in a fire due to outdated assumptions about them. So let’s set the record straight because you might be surprised by just how much things have changed!

It’s not energy efficient

While many believe that electric fireplaces are high energy consumers, this is a myth. Based on average electricity rates, the total cost to operate the flame and heater of a 2kW electric fire constantly for two hours costs little more than £2 on a standard tariff. And, because electric is 100% efficient, all of the inputted energy (and associated costs) is converted to heat and flame effect with no wastage.

It’s not realistic

Electric fireplaces have come a long way since their conception. Years of innovation and research pioneered by Dimplex have resulted in beautiful fireplaces that are incredibly realistic. Technologies like Optimyst and Opti-V offer flame experiences that are often mistaken for that of a traditional wood burning fireplace, but come with all the benefits and features that are only available with electric.

flame comparison

It doesn’t put out enough heat

All of our electric fireplaces produce a warm, gentle and even heat throughout your space, using virtually silent fan heaters. The amount of space that can be comfortably warmed depends on the output of your electric fireplace. However, an average fireplace with 1.5 kilowatts can heat approximately 150 sq. ft. or a 10’x15’ room. And due to the fact it is electric, there is no need for an open chimney, so zero heat is going to be lost out of a vent or chimney, so again it's more efficient as all the heat is directed into the room.

They are only good for use in winter

Generally, fireplaces cannot have flame without heat and vice versa, so it is understandable that there would be a common misconception that electric fireplaces are the same way.

However, with electric, the flames and heat can operate independently of one another. This means that you can enjoy the ambiance of your fireplace year-round, without heating your home. And it costs just pennies to run the flame effect. This is an excellent feature for summer operation or if you live somewhere with a warm climate. Similarly, you can operate the heat without the flame, allowing you to stay warm without having the flame on at all times.

Electric fires have vastly improved thanks to the new, innovative technologies we are pioneering. See for yourself how convincing our flame effects are by visiting a local retailer to you.