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New Dimplex XLE range: Lot 20-compliant storage heaters with digital control

XLE slimline EcoDesign compliant storage heater

Dimplex has released a new range of XLE slimline electric storage heaters, giving installers advanced, Lot 20-compliant models for storage heating upgrades.

With five models of varying size/output, the XLE range is the latest in Dimplex’s comprehensive programme of product development to meet the requirements of Lot 20 of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive, which applies from January 2018 and which sets a minimum efficiency standard for all local space heaters.

Raising the bar for conventional storage heaters, Dimplex XLE heaters offer dynamic storage capacity which automatically adjusts according to the user’s requirements. As a result, they can save energy by smartly calculating storage of off-peak energy and providing users with greater control of output throughout the day.

All models feature an integral digital controller with accurate electronic thermostat for seven-day time and temperature control, together with quiet, fan-assisted heat output.

Christian Hadley, head of product marketing for Dimplex, said: “When specified correctly, electric storage heating remains a viable source of heating in thousands of homes in the UK, but too many homeowners and tenants are left paying more than they need to because of outdated technology.

“Lot 20 of the Energy Efficiency Directive will raise the standard of electric heating appliances and Dimplex has been leading the industry in redesigning our products to meet the new requirements.

“The XLE range is the latest demonstration of this, providing an advanced, intelligent and stylish redesign of our conventional storage heaters with added features such as Open Window Detection and Adaptive Start which will improve efficiency, enhance control and reduce running costs for users. For easier installation, each model has also been designed to cover the footprint of existing Dimplex storage heaters.

“Crucially, it provides an advanced product for like-for-like storage heating upgrades. And with Lot 20 applying to all local space heaters manufactured from January 2018 for sale in the UK, it has never been more important to choose a trusted brand which can ensure compliance, not to mention high performance and reliability.”

XLE slimline EcoDesign compliant storage heater with cap sense controls

Available in white with an anodised grey finish, the XLE range also offers easy-to-use controls, presented via a graphical display with RGB backlight. Models are available from 580mm (0.5kW) to 1,067mm (1.5kW) in width. Find out more about the range by visiting the Dimplex XLE Slimline Storage Heater page.

For more information on Lot 20 of the Energy Efficiency Directive visit

EcoDesign compliant