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403BT Bluetooth connected portable convector heater from Dimplex

Dimplex launches EcoDesign compliant 402BT & 403BT Bluetooth controlled freestanding convector

14th Feb 2018

Dimplex has expanded it's portable heating range with the introduction of the EcoDesign compliant 402BT and 403BT Bluetooth controlled freestanding convector heaters.

The 402BT offers 2kW Read more

EVORAD2BT Bluetooth Radiator

Reclaim control of your heating with the Dimplex EvoRad2BT Oil-free Radiator

7th Feb 2018

The Evorad2BT Bluetooth controlled oil free radiator from Dimplex is a highly versatile answer to the need for additional heating around the home.

With helpful front and rear carry handles Read more