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Calm your mood with the Dimplex Aroma Diffuser

It’s never been more important to look after your wellbeing, but with our daily lives getting busier, where do you start? As the nation celebrates National Aromatherapy Awareness Week, now is the ideal time to look at bringing a little self-care into your daily routine.

From the 11th – 16th June, we’re all being encouraged to learn more about the benefits of aromatherapy and the important role it can play in our health and general wellbeing. Widely recognised for its ability to relieve stress, boost energy levels, regulate sleep, strengthen the immune system, improve digestion and increase circulation, there’s a number of benefits to introducing aromatherapy to your day-to-day life.

Dimplex’s DXAD100 Electronic Aroma Diffuser uses whisper quiet ultrasonic cool mist technology to scent your room by adding a few drops of your favourite aromatherapy oil, whilst subtly humidifying the air for up to five hours with just 100ml of water.

Increasing the relaxing effect of the DXAD100 are colour-changing LED mood lights set in the base which subtly illuminate the room. Choose your favourite tint to set the mood or let the lights calmly cycle through a rainbow of colour.

With the DXAD100’s digital alarm clock function, you can be eased awake with the gentle play of light and scent, or use the timer functions to delay start, freshening your room before you get home. A three-hour runback timer ensures the Diffuser switches itself off for convenience. It’s the perfect addition to any room, providing relaxing lighting and luxurious scents to provide a lasting, calming effect.

Dimplex Aroma Diffuser

A sleek, modern way of spreading aromatic fragrance throughout your home.

  • Ultrasonic cool mist technology
  • Scent your room with your favourite aromatic oil
  • Alarm clock function
  • Three-hour runback timer
  • Colour changing LED mood light

Dimensions: H: 162mm W: 116mm D: 112mm