The charm of a wood-burning stove with the ease of electric

For those wanting the charm of a wood-burning stove paired with all the hassle-free benefits of an electric fire, then look no further than the Dimplex Optimyst range of electric stoves.

Using state-of-the-art patented technology, Optimyst lures you in with the most realistic flame and smoke effect ever seen in an electric fire. Optimyst uses water to generate a cold, completely safe, vapour which is lit and moves to recreate the flicker of flame and wisps of smoke.

From easy installation to family safety, the benefits of electric stoves are certainly plain to see!

Quick and painless installation

Fast and safe,installation couldn’t be easier with electric stoves. Simply plug into a standard 240v 3kW (13 amp) socket and switch on! Electric fires and stoves aren’t subject to the same strict regulations that gas appliances and solid fuel stoves are faced with. For instance, electric fires don’t require a chimney, flue, pipe-work or even a fireplace, so all you need to do is choose where to place it wherever you fancy in your home. That not only saves you time but also the cost of a qualified installer, which for gas and most solid fuel fires will be a necessity. Electric fires can also be easily moved and re-positioned around the house if you want to quickly and easily change up the look of a room.

Easy to operate

Heat and an impression of flames are instantly available at the flick of a switch. For your ultimate convenience, you can even adjust both the heating and flame effects from the comfort of the sofa using a handy remote control.

When your room is sufficiently toasty, the impressive flame effect can be used independently of heat, meaning the calming feel of a cosy log fire can be enjoyed all year round, including when the whole-house system is already doing the work heating the home or heating is simply not needed.

Green credentials

Dimplex’s Optimyst fires are 100% efficient. All of the energy consumed by the heater is turned into heat, meaning nothing is wasted. The latest generation of fires also boast accurate thermostats so the fire will use precisely the right amount of electricity needed to maintain the comfortable level of warmth you set for the room. So, no wasted energy. The other advantage of electric is that the heat generated by the fire goes into the room, unlike open-flued fires of which 75% of the heat generated can get lost up the chimney.

Safe and reliable

Electric fires don’t burn fuel internally to generate heat so there are none of the associated safety risks. One of the huge bonuses for electric fires is they require virtually no maintenance and don’t produce any harmful fumes, therefore giving all the benefits of a gas fire, but with the simplicity and safety of electric.

Endless design options

What’s more, the comprehensive range offers something to suit all tastes and budgets as the specialist technology is available across a wide range of stoves, wall-mounted fires, inset fires and suites, so you can find the perfect heating solution to match your home.