Dimplex EverDri dehumidifiers - selected models now some of the quietest on the market

Dimplex Everdri 14L Dehumidifier in laundry room

From showering and washing up, to boiling kettles and drying laundry, or simply suffering with condensation on windows, it can feel like an impossible feat to prevent mould, mildew and damp building up in our homes. However, leading heating and ventilation specialist, Dimplex, has just the ticket to improve the humidity levels within the home, combating the potentially harmful bacteria that can build up as a result of high humidity.

The Dimplex EverDri collection includes three powerful dehumidifiers providing 10, 14 or 20 litre extraction in 24 hours. The dehumidifiers feature Dimplex’s ‘EverDri’ technology which means they have been optimised for a standard UK climate and the technology works to effectively remove excess moisture from the air. The 10L and 14L models also have Quiet Mark approval, meaning they are now one of the quietest dehumidifiers on the market.

Completely hassle free to operate, the units will automatically activate when humidity levels rise and auto shut-off once it has reached optimum level, ensuring the air in your home is consistently kept at a healthy and comfortable level, without drawing out so much moisture that the air feels too dry. A run-back timer and delayed start feature can also be used to start and stop the units, giving you complete control over how and when they come on.

The 14L and 20L models also feature a comfort humidity light on the front panel. When the light turns green the humidity comfort is just right; a red glow means it is too dry and if maintained a dry atmosphere will prevail; when it turns blue the atmosphere is too moist and therefore could lead to a build-up of mould, mildew and damp – providing a brilliant visual indicator of humidity levels in your room.

All models feature a pre-filter to capture large dust particles and an active carbon filter that will help reduce odours. The water tank has an antibacterial agent added and is transparent so you can see how much water is collected 'at a glance'.

For portability, all sizes in the EverDri range come with integrated carry handles and easy glide castors to aid positioning around the home.

Our Top Tip

What’s more, the EverDri collection can help speed up laundry drying process. When popped in a room with freshly-washed laundry, the dehumidifier can assist in drawing the moisture from the air, creating a better drying environment, which means clothes dry quicker and it’s much more cost effective than using a tumble dryer.

The EverDri collection utilises compressor technology which is one of the most effective types of dehumidification technologies – it is also one of the most affordable and cost-effective to run. The technology works by creating a cold surface and when the warm, damp air which is drawn from within the room encounters the cold coils, condensation forms and the moisture is removed from the air.

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