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The Dimplex HEPA Air Purifier delivers a three punch assault on airborne allergens, impurities and odours

DXAPV3N puppy shot

Reduce allergens, odours and neutralise harmful impurities in the air all in one go with the Dimplex DXAPV3N HEPA Air Purifier with a genuine HEPA filter, active carbon filter & Viro³ technology.

This quiet, two speed air purifier is all you need to improve the air quality in your living spaces. Drawing air from the room through its combined carbon and HEPA filtration system, the DXAPV3N is able to remove dust particles, pollen, pet dander out of the atmosphere.

This capability is further enhanced through Viro³ plasma generator technology that traps, attacks and neutralises those harmful impurities carried in the air by producing negative ions, enriching and replicating that feeling of natural clean air found near waterfalls or on beaches.

And whether you are cooking up a storm or playing house to a host of pets, the carbon pre- filter removes any odours, bringing a breath of freshened air into any home.

Nick Paul, product marketing manager portables for Dimplex said: “The combination of a real HEPA filter, ionising Viro³ technology and odour busting carbon filter is a killer combo for any unwanted impurities lurking in your home’s air. The Dimplex DXAPV3N HEPA Air Purifier’s modern design and portability means it can be used where needed most around the house, improving the air quality where you live and breathe.”