Dimplex Modernises Convection Heaters With The PLXE Range

Dimplex PLX150E

Dimplex has launched its PLXE range of Lot 20-compliant panel heaters, designed to meet the EU’s new Energy Efficiency Directive for ‘fixed’ heating products.

Released as an upgrade to existing Dimplex models such as PLX, PLXNC, PLXTI, PLXTX and EPX, the entire PLXE range includes electronic thermostat control providing room temperature stability to +/-0.2ºC, integral 7-day timer, open window detection and adaptive-start to meet the requirements of Lot 20.

The range of seven models offers a choice of smart, space-saving and efficient electric heating appliances to help installers meet the demands of their domestic and commercial customers.

With a sleek new slimline design that will cover traditional panel heater fixing marks, PXLE products are styled with a ribbed front, louvred grille and neutral white paint colour – making an attractive addition to any room.

The epoxy-polyester powder-coated steel casing also ensures the heaters are splash-proof, which makes them a good choice for bathrooms and wet areas.

Advanced controls with touch-sensitive cap-sense technology with optional audio feedback, complemented by an RGB backlit graphical display offer total flexibility of heating.  Users will also benefit from standard timer modes (Out All Day, Home All Day, Holiday) and continuous heat modes which include Frost Protect and Eco settings. 

What’s more, the panel heater software introduces a PIN-based landlord lock – allowing for greater control and convenience.

Depending upon the model, the range provides heat output from 0.50kW to 3.0kW. The forward-facing louvred grille also allows for optimum heat circulation, with an adjustable max set point range of 7-32ºC, whilst safety features include overheat detection, a thermal cut-out and an auto-reset type.

Christian Hadley, Head of Product Marketing, Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation, which includes the Dimplex brands, said: “PLXE is a great, functional product range that is easy to install, easy to operates and delivers heat rapidly via a range of advanced controls.  Installers can promote this range to their customers as the backbone of a full electric heating system, or an economical bolt-on to existing heating systems, safe in the knowledge that it is fully compliant with the new Lot 20 regulations, which dictate a minimum efficiency standard for all fixed electric heating appliances.”

Dimplex PLX200E