Expert Comment: What's the best way to heat a conservatory?

Dimplex MaxAir Ceramic Hot and Cold fan

Q: When the cold weather hits, what’s the best way to heat my conservatory?

Answered by:  Karen Trewick, senior marcoms manager for Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation


“Conservatories often get very cold during the winter due to the lack of insulation, but with the right portable heating, you can enjoy this space all year round.


“The Dimplex Max Air is ideal for conservatories as it’s a dual-purpose product – it provides heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. Not only is the MaxAir packed with features, it's good looking too, with a stylish glass base and LED feature lighting – so you will want to keep it out on display.  The stylish heater has an intelligent Eco Heat Mode to calculate the most efficient way to heat the space to the desired temperature. The product also oscillates from side to side to direct the hot (or cold) air to wider parts of the room and it can also be controlled via a remote control or your mobile phone using Dimplex’s ‘Remo’ app.