Five Top Tips for Keeping your Hay Fever at Bay

Dimplex Air Purifier with HEPA filter and ioniser

With one in five Brits suffering from hay fever and this number growing in recent years, the symptoms often mean we spend the summer months reaching for the tissues. However, with pollen season lasting from January to November, it’s important to find ways to manage it in your home throughout the year. Karen Trewick from air treatment specialists, Dimplex, offers her top tips on keeping hay fever at bay.


  1. Shut it out – When the pollen count is at its peak, it’s recommended that you stay indoors to keep your suffering to a minimum. It’s important to keep all your windows and doors shut throughout the day – no matter how hot it is outside – to limit the pollen travelling indoors.


  1. Keep it clean – Vacuuming regularly and dusting with a damp cloth can stop pollen dust from settling in the home. Wash bedsheets regularly to remove allergens as pollen grains can stick to bedding causing you grief at night. A recent study from the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit (NPARU) has highlighted individuals who sleep more than seven hours a night get significantly milder symptoms then those who slept five hours or less – so it’s important to get a good night’s kip!


  1. Purify the air – Invest in a portable air purifier with an HEPA filter, such as the Dimplex DXAPV3N Air Purifier which can be easily moved between rooms to capture pollen particles and clean the atmosphere, helping you breathe in cleaner, fresher air.


  1. Avoid peak pollen times – Between 8am - 10am and 5pm – 7pm is when pollen is at its worst, so avoid being outside during this time if possible. Limit your garden chores and if you’re commuting for work, wear wraparound sunglasses to stop the pollen getting into your eyes.


  1. Wash away the day – Experts recommend having an evening shower just before bed to wash away any pollen particles that could have stuck to your hair. What’s more, the evening ritual will help you relax which will encourage a good night’s sleep, leaving you feeling fresh to fight the next day.