How to counter the shock of winter heating bills

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According to new research one in five in the UK will opt to go without heating this winter. With the average annual gas bill reaching £714, understandably people will worry about the cost of heating. Nonetheless, it is shocking to hear that one in four still have so much concern that they are willing to cut their spend on food in order to pay for heating. The research points in particular to young people, two thirds of which say they have concerns about not being able to afford their heating bills.

There are some really quick and simple ways to address how you can save on your heating bills Most of us will run the thermostat on a central heating system too high, so bringing it down a few degrees is an easy fix. It also can help prevent ‘over-shooting’ where rooms become too hot and uncomfortable. This usually leads to windows being opened, which is a huge waste of heating energy and money. Also make sure a heater or radiator isn’t obstructed by any large pieces of furniture as that can drastically affect the way heat is circulated in a room, reducing efficiency.

Of course, many of the problems with heating systems and associated high costs come from the age of home heating systems. It’s not uncommon to see systems that were fitted 10, 15 or even 20 years ago, they work, but are in a different league when compared to the latest generation of home heating systems, many of which make highly efficient use of electricity as opposed to gas.

It’s not only efficient, electricity is also perceived to be the heating fuel of the future , so you can expect greater impetus from the government to encourage schemes, systems and appliances that use renewable electric energy. The latest generation of electric heaters and hot water cylinders make use of clever heat storage technology to employ low cost electricity overnight, retaining the heat and releasing it when you want throughout the day, helping to keep homes warm and costs down.

At Dimplex we are innovating exactly these types of installed heating products and systems to help crack fuel poverty and ensure the UK stays warm, no matter the weather outside.

By Chris Stammers, product marketing director, Dimplex