How to make your rental property feel like home

Grand Noir

When you’re living in a rental property, it can be hard to make the space your own, with landlords often setting limitations on hanging things on walls and painting. The good news is that it only takes a few simple steps to make the space feel like home.

Inject some colour

If you’re limited to the amount of decoration you can do in your property, then consider investing in some colourful, statement art pieces which will add your own personality to the space. If there have been clear limits set on hanging items on walls, then consider alternatives like propping frames up against the wall on top of bookcases or other existing furniture.

soft furnishings

Invest in soft furnishings

Not only will rugs add personality and colour to your space, but they will also hide any existing carpet marks and protect the flooring of the property – important when considering getting your full deposit back at the end of the tenancy. New curtains and lightshades will also make a big difference, and are things that are easy to transport when it comes time to move.

indoor plants

Add some greenery

If you’re renting a flat and don’t have any outside space, adding some easy to care for plants like cactuses and succulents are perfect for injecting some life into your home, as well as adding freshness to the air and a hint of colour.


Familiar fragrances

Walking through the door after a long day to your favourite scent can help you to instantly unwind and feel at home. Using reed diffusers or an aroma diffuser can be ideal for this, and have the benefit of being compact and discreet in your home. Our aroma diffuser even features a timer setting that will initiate the scent exactly when you want – allowing you to arrive home or wake up to your favourite scents each day.


Add some cosy comfort

When you imagine a cosy home, many of us will immediately think of a roaring fireplace, but don’t assume this isn’t achievable in a rented property. Our range of Optiflame or Optimyst electric stoves simply plug in and go, allowing you the flexibility of incorporating a fire into your space without it being a permanent fixture. Available in a range of sizes,  colours and budget, an electric stove is instant, convenient home comfort.

Making a few simple changes can instantly transform your rental property to a home, without having a lasting effect on the property itself.

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