The ideal temperature for a good night’s sleep

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Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, struggling to get to sleep because you’re too hot or cold? The reality is that many of us either spend our winters living in a home that is as cool as we can stand to save money on our heating bills, or we put up with sweltering hot, humid nights. According to the Sleep Council, the ideal bedroom temperature for the best chance at a solid night’s sleep is 18°C, so how can you maintain this ideal temperature without paying over the odds?

Portable heating and cooling

Getting a single room to an accurate temperature is a challenge for most central heating systems, so using a supplementary source of heating or cooling to get your bedroom to your desired comfortable temperature before you go to sleep is a great option.

mont blanc

Portable cooling

If you find that you struggle to get to sleep due to muggy conditions, then consider the Mont Blanc tower fan. Operating quietly and efficiently to keep your room comfortable on hot days and humid nights, this slick fan even has a remote control, meaning you can adjust the speed settings and operation from the comfort of your bed.


Portable heating

The Dimplex Evorad range is adjustable to within 1°C increments and comes with a colour changing screen to help guide you on the most suitable temperature setting for your room. They then maintain this temperature, using an electronic thermostat to examine the room and adjust accordingly, ensuring the perfect temperature for you to drift off.


Installed heating

If you’re looking for a more permanent way of maintaining the ideal room temperature while you sleep, consider upgrading your electric heating. The new technology employed within modern electric radiators means fluctuations in temperature are a thing of the past.

Models like the Q-Rad are accurately controlled by a thermostat, meaning you can control your temperature output in 1°C increments. They also make use of intelligent sensors, measuring the room temperature and adapting to match your needs and climatic conditions - helping to maintain your ideal environment for a quality night’s sleep.

Getting products that can help provide you the ideal atmosphere for a quality night’s sleep can prove invaluable to our day-to-day lives, and Dimplex have just the solutions for you.

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