Spring clean your way to a healthy home

spring cleaning

Whether you mark the changes of season by the meteorological calendar or the astrological calendar, spring has officially sprung. Though it may not seem like it we’re now in the season of daffodils, blossoming trees and longer days, which puts many of us in the mood for spring cleaning. Here we take a look at some of the ways you can ensure a clean, healthy home for you and your family as the year moves forward.

Refresh your home

Many positive results come from spring cleaning – a fresh, clean home; a happier, calmer state of mind; helping to keep us active. There can be, however, one drawback, however slight – dust. Indoor dust is made up of all sorts of nasties like human skin cells, food particles, pet dander and various other particles, making the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. Dust mites literally feed on it, spreading throughout your home and living inside your mattresses, carpets and curtains.

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning can disturb the dust in your home, but the advent of spring can also mean a rise in natural airborne allergens like pollen as well, so it makes sense to be wary. We’re not making an argument against spring cleaning, by any means – the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. We’re also fortunate that nowadays there are many things you can do to combat dust and allergens in your home, whatever their source.

One way to diminish the impact of dust mites and allergens in your home is to tackle the problem at the source. Consider investing in an air purifier to capture the dust, pollen and pet dander that floats in the air around your home. Some products, such as our DXAPV3N, also include a HEPA filter which removes airborne allergens and even a built-in ioniser, which works to neutralise any unpleasant smells and bacteria, leaving your home filled with fresh, clean air.

air purifier

Discover natural solutions

Rather than using chemical substances to clean your home, consider a more natural approach by using essential oils or other ingredients that can easily be found within your kitchen cupboards. For example, a few drops of orange oil in a spray bottle of water makes for a great way to de-grease the kitchen and olive oil works wonders as a way of polishing stainless steel.

Banishing mould

If you suffer from mould growth in your home, it’s important to address it as soon as possible because you could be at risk of breathing in potentially harmful bacteria and mould spores. You can get rid of mould naturally by dissolving baking soda into water, creating a natural disinfectant, and scrubbing the affected area.

For mould prevention, make sure that you regularly wipe down damp surfaces and spray white vinegar onto showers and tiles when you’re finished. However, if these simple natural remedies are not sufficient, then consider buying a dehumidifier as a permanent, hassle-free solution.

Everdri 14L

As well as an ally in the fight against mould, a dehumidifier can be helpful if you want to dry your laundry indoors. Whilst this is more often necessary in the autumn and winter months, it can also be helpful in the warmer weather if anyone in your household suffers from hay fever. One of the tips to help avoid irritating pollen particles is to dry your clothes indoors, in which case a dehumidifier can pull the moisture from the air and help dry your clothes quickly and efficiently. You can find more advice on ways to tackle mould and the benefits of a dehumidifier in our other blog.

Get ready for the summer sun

Whilst the chill might still be in the air, the warmer days aren’t far off, so as part of your spring cleaning efforts, why not dig out and dust off your cooling fans ready for the summer? Or if you don’t have any fans, consider making the investment now and beat the potential rush when the first hot spell hits.

Our cooling fans come in all shapes and sizes, from quiet and compact desk fans for your home office to oscillating tower fans that can keep cool air flowing round a large room. Many include remote control for ease of use, and our own Dimplex Ion Fresh tower fan includes a built-in ioniser – it discharges negative ions which attach to particles in the air and cause them to drop to the floor, helping to keep the air in your home fresh.

Mont Blanc Tower

Spare a thought for forward planning

The weather is warming, but spring nights can still be cold, so it might be a little early to pack your heaters away yet. However, consider storing them in a cupboard when not in use to help keep dust from collecting on them.

When you do decide to pack your heater away properly, take a few minutes to give the product a dust and clean. Perhaps store it in the box if you have it, or ensure it’s covered if it’s going up into the loft, to help ensure that your product is all set for when the autumn and winter comes.

ShapeAs the warmer weather comes, the suggestions we’ve shared can help keep your home fresh and cool. If you would like to explore how our products can help, take a look at our range of Air Treatment products.

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