Styling for your mantle: Halloween

Styling for your mantle

We are creeping up to Halloween, and what better way to celebrate than to decorate your fireplace for the occasion? Here we have five key tricks to style your home for the spooky season.

Choosing your colour scheme

The colour scheme you select is vital to the whole ambiance of your room. Going for chic black and bronze will add a hauntingly stylish vibe to your room - avoiding any glaring clichés with the holiday and staying subtly spooky, meaning you can leave it up and enjoy the eerie vibe for the whole season.

Experiment with heights and levels

When it comes to styling the mantle itself, it’s important to keep it simple with just a few key items used at different heights and levels to keep it intriguing to the eye. Play around with several old books stacked up and use different sizes of photo frames with some antique photographs in.

play with heights and levels


Play with lights

Highlight the warming glow of your Optimyst fire by using candles around the mantle. Putting them inside lanterns and cages not only makes your room feel more cosy and inviting, but will give a spooky twist as the shadows dance around on the walls.

Spook up the fireplace

One of the major benefits of Optimyst technology is that it gives the illusion of a real fire, but has the safety and simplicity of electric. Because of this, you can add even more spooky features to the inside of your fire, dangling bats from the top and sticking plastic spiders to the back wall. Just ensure you don’t block the main vent of the mist and keep the heat setting turned off.

Aroma diffuser

You can ignite more senses by using a Dimplex aroma diffuser. Try out some seasonal essential oil recipes by mixing sweet and spicy scents to enhance the spooky vibe of your home. For some themed essential oil combinations, check out our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Halloween represents a season of fun and mystery, and styling your mantle is the perfect touch to help you celebrate. Let us know how you will be decorating your Optimyst fire for Halloween by getting in touch on our Twitter page.