Sustainable living with flame

Home Electric Flame

Sustainability has become a catch-all term in recent years and, as such, has lost some of its impact. In fact, some brands even use it is a descriptor when promoting their goods or services. However, sustainability is not just about ‘green’ products — it is far more than that. Sustainability means living in a way that doesn’t further deplete the earth’s resources and protects the natural environment for future generations.


Meeting targets

Reducing climate change by minimising CO2 emissions is clearly part of this and something which most governments around the world are paying close attention to. The UK is leading the way; the Committee on Climate Change has recently changed its target from 80% lower emissions from a 1990 baseline to a target of net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050.

This has vast implications for all industries, but, none the more so than the built environment which accounts for 45% of total UK CO2 emissions. The Future Homes Standard addresses this, in part, by aiming to ensure that new build homes are future-proofed with low-carbon heating and the highest levels of energy efficiency by 2025. Additionally, the drive towards nearly zero energy buildings (nZEB), where any energy requirements are met through renewables, will have a great impact on how our homes are heated in the future.


No compromises

However, this doesn’t need to mean a compromise on design. Electric flame technology is one way for architects, designers and homeowners to be sustainable and still have an aesthetically appealing heating solution. Electric flame technology also mimics flame so realistically that many people don’t notice the difference.

In terms of sustainability, electric flame technology is classified as 100% energy efficient at point of use and uses minimal electricity which can cost as little as £1.20 a day. When this electricity is supplied from renewable sources, electric flame can meet both nZEB and net-zero greenhouse gases targets.


Flame for the future

As we move into the future, sustainability will become an expectation as well as a requirement for both new builds and existing building stock. However, no one wants to compromise on their living standards or ‘creature-comforts’ to achieve it. Electric flame technology is one solution that can meet comfort, style and sustainability requirements.


Want to incorporate sustainable flame design into your home? Read through our whitepaper about the flexibility and sustainability of electric flame technology.