Three top trends for coloured stoves

Auberry Opti-myst stove

Chunky, black stoves have always been a staple of a country cottage, but these traditional colours are slowly being supplemented by coloured alternatives providing a modern twist. Now just as effective in contemporary urban homes, the trend for coloured stoves is increasing due to the ability to choose a colour that suits your interiors. If you’re looking for a modern electric stove because they require no installation and can simply be taken home and plugged in, here are three on-trend colours that are sure to add an instant burst of life to your interiors.

Auberry Opti-myst stove

Pictured: Auberry Opti-myst Stove

Pastel Hues

With ice-cream pastels predicted as being the next big thing for 2019, a pastel-hued stove will be a great on-trend addition to your home. Adding a gentle and subtle twist to your room, cream is a timeless and classic colour that will complement any interior.

Brayford Pebble

Pictured: Brayford Pebble

Neutral Grey

Subtle yet stylish, grey is fast becoming a major colour trend in home interiors, and designers predict it’s here to stay. The neutral colour is a great match with natural wood and stone and, like cream, grey provides you with endless pairing options for your interior decoration.

Grand Rouge Stove

Pictured: Dimplex Grand Rouge Stove

Warming Red

Deep and warm, red is a bold colour that is widely used in interiors to create a statement. Used more delicately than the more neutral tones, accents of red dotted throughout a home provides a great pop of colour against a calming backdrop. In autumn and winter trends, burgundy provides a strong, dark colour that will make your room feel cosy and classy.