Whole Home Solution: Bathrooms

Dimplex Bathroom Panel Heater

Our bathrooms are getting smaller. At just 4.4 square metres, the average bathroom is not much bigger than a king-sized mattress. One of the biggest challenges as a result of smaller bathroom dimensions is heating the space whilst maintaining safety for our families, particularly with the trend for installing wet rooms in an effort to maximise space.

Despite the limited size, we still want a bathroom that has comforting appeal; a place to prepare for the day ahead and unwind at the end of it. This is where the Bathroom Panel Heater comes in. This slick heater with integrated towel rail and choice of white or mirrored front is splash proof and safe to use in small bathroom spaces, as well as adding a functional, modern feature to the room. Providing both warmth to the space and towel drying and airing capabilities, this is ideal for use in a bathroom setting.

Combining low noise levels with high extraction power, Xpelair’s Simply Silent Shower Fans are purpose-designed for in-shower installation, making them suitable for wet rooms or small bathrooms. Carrying out extraction right at the point of humidity, they are efficient and effective at removing excess moisture from the room, and the Ghost Air Movement Technology employed within these fans offers an ultra-quiet performance, ideal for use within the home.

Redring Showers

Redring’s newly released Pure, Bright and Glow showers offer a powerful combination of attractive design features, ease of installation and reassurance with a trusted brand, plus a three-year warranty. Glow also gives you the additional benefit of Redring’s phased shutdown anti-scaling technology, great if you are looking for a product that will stand the test of time.

A smaller bathroom doesn’t have to mean a lower level of comfort. As our preferences are changing, technology is adapting to suit, providing you with a host of innovative technologies that ensure your bathroom is a comfortable, safe space in your home.