A whole home solution: Bathrooms


Our bathrooms are getting smaller. Now averaging at just 4.4 sq. m, the domestic bathroom is not much bigger than a king-sized mattress. In an effort to save space, more consumers want wet rooms, and installers are having to find new ways of integrating smart-enabled technologies to meet the new requirements for these smaller spaces whilst maintaining comfort and cost effectiveness for their clients. Dimplex and other Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation brands Xpelair and Redring can provide all the heating and ventilation technology required to keep a bathroom comfortable, making it easier for you as an installer to specify products from a single source.

One of the biggest challenges as a result of smaller bathroom dimensions is heating the bathroom space whilst adhering to safety standards. Despite the limited size, homeowners still want a bathroom that has a comforting appeal; a place to prepare for the day ahead and unwind at the end of it. Dimplex has addressed this in their new Lot 20 compliant Bathroom Panel Heater. This slick heater with integrated towel rail and choice of white or mirrored front is suitable for use in IP Zones 1 and above, making it a viable, safe choice for heating smaller bathroom spaces.

Combining low noise levels with high extraction power, Xpelair’s Simply Silent Shower Fans are purpose-designed for in-shower installation making them suitable for wet rooms or small bathrooms. Carrying out direct extraction right at the point of humidity, they offer an 88% improved extraction rate over comparable in-line shower fans and meet building regulations at installed performance. The Ghost Air Movement Technology employed within these fans offer an ultra-quiet performance, and a range of smart and innovative elements enable quick, simple and hassle-free installation.

Redring’s newly released Pure, Bright and Glow showers offer a powerful combination of attractive design features, ease of installation and reassurance with a trusted brand, plus a three-year warranty. With eight water entry points and six cable entry points, these are the perfect replacement for a bathroom getting an upgrade and can provide unrivalled ease of installation in new developments. Glow also gives you the additional benefit of Redring’s phased shutdown anti-scaling technology, great if you are looking for a product that will stand the test of time.

Specifying and installing products that suit the new living requirements of modern building design doesn’t have to be a headache. Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation brands can offer the heating and ventilation technologies you need for hassle-free specification and installation.