Opti-myst FAQs

Optimyst FAQs

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers concerning Dimplex Optimyst fires.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, or are looking for product specific details such as dimensions, please go to the product page which can be found by using the search function at the top right hand of the screen. There you will find the relevant manuals and guides and technical specifications. 

What water can I use in my Optimyst fire?

Use filtered water whenever possible. Don’t use de-ionised water. The auto shut off requires the minerals in the water to detect water level in the sump.

What is the power consumption of an Optimyst when the fire is only on flame effect?

An Optimyst fire uses 212 watts when operating in flame-only mode.

Will my Optimyst add to the humidity of the room?

Not significantly – it is the equivalent of having someone else with you in the same room, breathing normally.

What lamp does the Optimyst use?

The lamps are 12V, 50W, Gus.3” beam angle coloured lamps, available from the spares section of our website.

Is the Optimyst easy to clean?

Yes – the sump unit, nozzle and water bottle can be cleaned with washing up liquid or even go in the dishwasher.

How often should I clean my Optimyst fire?

It is important to maintain your Dimplex Optimyst fire. Cleaning every two weeks will help ensure that it runs as it should and provide you with a realistic and comfortable fireplace.

How often must I top up the water in my Optimyst fire?

When run constantly, the Optimyst tank will run for approximately 8-10 hours. 

Can I use scented water in my Optimyst fire?

No. We do not recommend using scented waters or oils in your Optimyst fire. If you are looking to add a fresh fragrance to your room, we suggest using a Dimplex Aroma Diffuser.

How do I clean my Optimyst fire?

  1. First clean out the sump. Access the sump by removing the fuel bed, and water bottle.
  2. Using the two retaining clips either-side, unclip and remove the mist nozzle. Unplug the transducer from the power jack and lift out the transducer.
  3. Lift out the sump tank being careful not to spill any residual water. At a sink rinse out the sump tank with tap water, using a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe clean and dry
  4. Replace the sump into your Dimplex Optimyst using the guiding slot on the side of the sump into the casing.
  5. Replace the transducer, locating it into its recess on the bottom of the sump using the small tab to help properly orientate the transducer. Plug the transducer cable into the power jack, ensuring that the cable is route through the guidance slot on the side of the sump tank.
  6. Secure the mist nozzle back in place with the red retaining clips, replacing the water bottle and fuel bed.
  7. While removed, refill the water bottle unscrewing the screwtop over a sink refill the water bottle. It is important that filtered water is used to help avoid limescale build up within your Dimplex Optimyst.
  8. Replace the screw top ensuring a water tight seal, but being careful not to over tighten.Replace the water bottle and fuel bed and turn on your Optimyst.

Can I paint my Optimyst fire?

No. We do not recommend the painting of any of our products. 

Can I use an extension lead with my Optimyst fire?

No. We do not recommend the use of an extension lead with any of our products.

How long can I leave water to stand in my Optimyst fire?

We do not advise leaving water to stand in the Optimyst tank for more than two weeks.