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Our top three recommended products for Autumn

Dimplex products for autumn

The leaves are turning and the drizzle has made an appearance, that can only mean one thing - Autumn has officially arrived. With temperatures on the turn, Dimplex have just the products you need to bring a little warmth to your home. Our top three products for this season will enhance the comfort in your house and make your life that bit easier and cosier.


Autumn and winter sees us bringing our washing indoors to dry, which can have a big impact if your home suffers from poor ventilation, a common problem in new build homes that seal in our living environment. An increase of moisture in the air brought by clothes drying inside can cause mould and mildew to develop, threatening you and your family’s health. Dimplex Dehumidifiers are perfect for eliminating excess moisture in the air, stopping mould and mildew growing at the source and leaving you to enjoy clean, dry clothes sooner. The Forte FTE even has a laundry setting, offering the most effective results for laundry application.

Portable fan heaters

As the temperatures dip, you might not feel quite ready to turn on all the heating, but consider supplementary heating for those odd cold spots in the home, or a room where you spend most time.  If you are heading into the office then you will know that many office buildings have old air conditioning and heating systems that fail to keep us all warm in the autumn and winter months. The Dimplex Desk Friend is a portable fan heater that uses simple, thermostatic controls without cluttering your desk space - it even has an incorporated USB port, perfect for charging your smartphone or tablet.

Towel rail/bathroom panel heater

We have all been there, when you step out of the shower and are met with a blast of cold air from an open window, or the chill of a tiled floor, how else would we know that autumn is here? The new Dimplex bathroom panel heater is a stylish installed panel heater with a towel rail incorporated - not only giving warmth to your bathroom, but also allowing you to step out of the shower to the comfort of a warm towel in the mornings.

Autumn doesn’t have to mean the end of warmth and comfort, these Dimplex products are the perfect companions to the transition into the cooler months.