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Portable Heating Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers concerning Dimplex portable heating products.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, or are looking for product specific details such as dimensions, please go to the product page which can be found by using the search function at the top right hand of the screen. There you will find the relevant manuals and guides and technical specifications. 

What is the guarantee on your portable products?

Last updated on 22/05/2017

The guarantee can vary with the portable products between 1-5 years. You can email us for specific information using our customer support form.

Am I able to clean my portable heater?

Last updated on 01/11/2017

Yes, but do take care.  Before commencing cleaning, switch off the heater, unplug from the socket and allow it to cool.  The outside casing can be cleaned by carefully wiping it over with a soft, only partially damp cloth.  Do not use abrasive cleaning powders or furniture polish, as this can damage the surface finish.  Please ensure the product has not been made wet during this process.  Do not get any moisture in the switches or screens.

Can I use a portable heater to dry my clothes?

Last updated on 01/11/2017

Portable heaters are for use in warming a room, no objects or clothes should be placed on a portable heater.

Can I use an extension lead on my portable Dimplex products?

Last updated on 01/11/2017

We do not recommend the use of an extension lead for any of our portable products with the exception of the Desk Friend portable fan heater.

Where can my portable heater be placed?

Last updated on 01/11/2017

Your portable heater can be placed anywhere in the home besides bathrooms, provided it is on a level surface and is at least a metre away from clothes, curtains and furniture.

What is a runback timer?

Last updated on 01/11/2017

A runback timer allows you to programme the product to operate for a set period of time and then switch off automatically. For example, an 8 hour runback timer will allow the product to operate for 8 hours and then switch off.