Heat pump cylinder with in build buffer cylinder
180L Heat Pump Cylinder With 75L Buffer ECS180HP75-580
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180L Heat Pump Cylinder With 75L Buffer ECS180HP75-580

180L Heat Pump Cylinder With 75L Buffer ECS180HP75-580

This product has been discontinued

Dimplex EC-Eau heat pump cylinders are designed to operate seamlessly with heat pumps to provide and efficient an environmentally friendly way of supplying domestic hot water. Employing a large surface area heat exchanger, EC-Eau heat pump cylinders maximise the transfer of heat generated from renewable energy to the stored water, optimising heat pump efficiency and reducing running costs. Suitable for use with a wide range of heat pumps and the ideal partner to Dimplex heat pumps, EC-Eau heat pump cylinders are available in capacities from 150 to 300 litres with models also available with combined buffer tank, able to serve most domestic hot water demands.

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Optimally sized, high surface area heat exchangers
Corrugated coil construction maximises surface area while maintaining high usable volume
Tough, easy to clean outer casing - made from 100% recycled materials
HIPS/ABS outer cladding, hard wearing, flexible and damage resistant
Immersion for sterilisation and back up heating
Inner vessel manufactured from premium grade Duplex stainless steel:
- Lightweight yet ultra high strength and stress/corrosion resistant, ensuring long cylinder life
- 100% recyclable
- No need for sacrificial annode
- 25 year warranty


Technical Specifications

Product Identification
Product model numberECS180HP75-580