24Hr Digital Timer RX24TI
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24Hr Digital Timer RX24TI

24Hr Digital Timer RX24TI

The RX24Ti timer provides programmable 24 hour time control, so each panel heater can be configured to its own individual operating programme.

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Compatible with the EPX, Monterey and Girona ranges. 24 hour digital programming cassette –plugs directly into panel heater. 4 programmable time periods, switching heater between On/Off modes. Programme advance and manual override features. 1 timer required per heater. Cassette can be removed from heater for easy programming. Back lit LCD with power-save mode. Programmes saved in memory for 12 hours in event of power failure. Quick start user guides printed on rear of programming cassette.


Technical Specifications

Product Identification
Product model numberRX24TI
Additional Features
Compatible WithPanel Heaters

Manuals & Guides

Instruction manuals
PDF icon RX24TI Instructions Issue 0.pdf
May 3, 2017
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