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Control Cover


Control Cover

  • P5 OEM SP COV 5 /20 3/01/31122/0


HSP1250SN, HSP1250TSN, HSP1500SN, HSP2000SN, HSP3000SN, HSP3000TSN, HSP750SN, HSP750TSN, NC2PH1250, NC2PH1250T, NC2PH1500, NC2PH1500T, NC2PH2000, NC2PH3000, NC2PH3000T, NC2PH750, NC2PH750T, NLPH07, NLPH07, NLPH125, NLPH125, NLPH150, NLPH200, NLPH750, SPH1250, SPH1250T, SPH1500, SPH1500T, SPH2000, SPH2000T, SPH750, SPH750T, VAPH075, VAPH075T, VAPH125, VAPH125T, VAPH150, VAPH150T, VAPH200, VAPH200T, WPPH1250T, WPPH1500T, WPPH2000T, WPPH750T To be fitted by a suitably qualified/ competent person

Technical Specifications

Product Identification
Product model numberMDPLM5UP15
Packaging Information
Pallet Quantity3360
Packed Depth (mm)170
Packed Height (mm)10
Packed Width (mm)220
Packed Weight (kg)0.08