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Inner Front with Insulation 18

Inner Front with Insulation 18


AC6812, AC6813, AC6815, AC6818, AC6818, AC6819, AL3618, AL3644, AL7532, AL7535, AL7552, CNT18CW, CPEX2550A, CPEX2550, HSX18N, HSXC18N, HSXCA18N, HSXCA18X, HSXCA18XN, HSXCA24X, HSXDA18N, HSXDA18X, NC2550WAUTO, NC2550WCOM, NL10577, NL10580, NL10658, NLCH18N, NLH3001C, NLSH18AN, NLSH18MN, SECT485287, SSH18A, SSH18ACW, SSH18CW, SSH18CW, SSH18M, STHC255A, STHS255, STHS255A, TSR18ACW, TSR18AW, TSR18CW, TSR18MW, TSR18MW, TSR18NAC, VASCHA18, Vash18 Auto, Vash18 Manual, WMC718, WMCS718N, WMS718N, WMX718N, WPSH2550AUTO, WPSH2550COMBI, XL18, XL18N, XL24N, XLS18, XMC718, XMC718, XMS718N, XMS718N, XMS718N, XMX718NTo be fitted by a suitably qualified/ competent person

Technical Specifications

Product Identification
Product model number83128S