Konnex / EIB via extension module EWPM
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Konnex / EIB via extension module EWPM

Konnex / EIB via extension module EWPM

The heat pump manager can be connected to a KNX/EIB bus system using the EWPM expansion module which is available as an accessory. This expansion makes it possible to transfer values on up to 110 group addresses from the heat pump manager to the bus system or from the bus system to the heat pump manager.


Caution, can be used from WPM 2006/2007 and following heat pump managers! PlugIn can be used with ETS3 and ETS4. Further instructions and information, as well as the data point list, can be found at www.dimplex.de/wiki.


Technical Specifications

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Product model numberEWPM

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May 3, 2017
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