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SRX120BG SmartRad 120 Black
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SRX120BG SmartRad 120 Black

SRX120BG SmartRad 120 Black

This product has been discontinued

SmartRad has been specifically developed to provide excellent levels of heating at the low water temperatures normally associated with underfloor heating – typically around 40°. This allows the heat pump’s CoP to be maximised, reducing running costs and household CO2 emissions.

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Ideal for use with heat pumps or condensing boilers Stylish design, with choice of metal or glass fronts Energy efficient alternative to conventional radiators Cost effective practical alternative to under floor heating Designed for low water temperature operation: - Optimises heat pump CoP - Reduces heat pump running costs - Reduces heat pump CO2 emissions Fast response/room heat up due to very low water content - 2 x faster room heat up time - 40% less energy consumption to bring a room to 21°C from 10°C Responsive reaction to incidental heat gains Lower surface temperature than a radiator Individual temperature control: -Close tolerance electronic thermostat providing automatic control over fan speed output -Delivers high levels of comfort through improved room temperature stability Optional plug-in 24-hour or 7-day programmers


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Product model numberSRX120BG