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Switch DRH Defond 15A

Switch DRH Defond 15A

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FREE delivery* on orders over £50


Longbourn 3620D, Pemberley 3700S, Adagio ADG20, Adagio ADG20, Adagio ADG20, Amalfi AMF20, Aranda AND20, Ashington ASN20, Aspen ASP20, Avola AVA20, Benson BEN12, Burlington BLN12, Burlington BLN12, Chicago CCG20, Chalbury CHB20, Carnevale CNV20, Danesbury DAN20, Danesbury DAN20, Danesbury DAN20, Delius DLS20, Delaware DWR20, Elda ELD20, Emsworth EMS20, Ferndown FND20, Highcliffe HCF20, Horton HTN20, Horton HTN20, Horton HTN20, Inver INV20, Iowa IOW20, Longham LGM20, Merida MDA20, Mirage MIR40, Maine MNE20, Nardini NDN20, Nevada NEV20, Ohio OHIO20, Ortana ORT20, Portland POR20, Roda ROD20, Shaftesbury SHA20, Siva SIV20, Somerley SOM20, Santoro STO20, Westleigh WGH20, Whitsbury WHT20, Whitsbury WHT20, Wynford WYN20, Wynford WYN20, Wynford WYN20, Wynford WYN20, X1, X1 To be fitted by a suitably qualified/ competent person

Technical Specifications

Product Identification
Product model numberFP04021
Packaging Information
Packed Depth (mm)170
Packed Height (mm)10
Packed Width (mm)220
Packed Weight (kg)0.03