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Add a touch of luxury to your home by fitting Dimplex under-tile heating – perfect for taking the chill off cold tiled floors. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, en suites or conservatories, under-tile heating provides radiant heat across the entire floor area, providing a feeling of warmth and comfort throughout the room.

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The IRX50N infrared wall heater is a safe, practical source of heat in bathrooms, kitchens, and work areas – anywhere where fast localised heating is required.

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The IRX60/120E infrared wall heater is a safe, practical source of heat in bathrooms, kitchens and work areas – wherever you need fast localised heating.

  • Choice of heat outputs (0.60 / 1.20kW)
  • Designed to provide rapid beamed warmth
  • Adjustable beam angle to direct heat where it's needed
  • IP24 rated
  • Pull cord operation

The QXD1500 uses short wave infra-red to heat people, not air, which is important in outdoor applications. Quartz heaters are the energy efficient choice for heating areas where it would not be practical or cost effective to raise the overall ambient temperature. Used with auto controls, they provide a low-cost heating solution for hard to heat zones. The QXD range features the ruby red halogen lamp, giving a warm glow, and can be selected in 1.5kW, 3kW and 4.5kW outputs.

  • Allows high heat-loss buildings to be heated cost effectively.
  • Optional passive infra-red switch.
  • Instant heat – no waiting around or pre-heating needed.
  • Silent operation.
  • Low running costs