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With an elegant black glass façade (also available in white), the Girona (GFP050B) delivers rapid warm up with a highly accurate energy management system to maintain comfort levels to suit the user. High levels of control are built in with a sophisticated thermostat accurate to an impressive +/- 0.3ºC.

  • Panel heater

The PLX500TI is a 0.50kW stylish electric panel heater with a programmable 24 hour timer. A popular choice for specifiers, homeowners and contractors who demand space saving and efficient heating. 

  • Panel heater

Q-Rad features the following:

  • Instant warmth through dual-element technology
  • Advanced electronic controller with 7-day time and temperature control
  • Energy-saving technologies such as open window detection and eco-start
  • Attractive styling to match the Quantum off-peak storage range

Simple, clean looks and a sleek, low-profile design make the Saletto (LPP050) is perfect for a range of different applications. With the same incredible control and performance of the well-known Monterey and Girona, this range is ideal where wall space is at a premium, such as a conservatory or small bedroom.

  • Panel heater