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The EPX1250 electronic panel heater combines advanced performance and stylish looks to provide a superior, cost-efficient panel heating solution.

  • Panel heater

The PLX1250NC 1.25kW panel heater is a stylish electric heater with no on-board controls, for use with a remote switching device.

  • Panel heater

The most advanced, economical, off-peak electric heater on the market

  • Stylish, compact design for unobtrusive heating
  • Adapts to the your requirements to save energy
  • Up to 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage heater system
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Boost element to ensure heat is always available

An electric storage heater with a clean look and reliable performance. XLE is a modern replacement for older storage heaters.

  • Harness off-peak electricity tariffs for low running costs
  • Dynamically stores the right amount of energy to heat a room
  • Fan assisted to quickly, quietly and more effectively distribute heat
  • Programmable room temperatures with three seven-day timer profiles
  • Complies with Lot 20 of ERP Directive