Low Surface Temperature Panel Heater


The low surface temperature electric heater

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Purpose designed to heat areas where vulnerable people are present.

The Dimplex LST range has been specifically designed to meet the heating requirements of particular environments where vulnerable members of the community such as infants, the young, or elderly are liable to be present.

Each fan-assisted heater has been optimised to give the maximum output to efficiently and rapidly heat the room, from the most compact and slimline style available, ensuring that no part of the heater exceeds 43°C surface temperature.

Dimplex LST is the perfect heating solution for hospitals, schools, kindergartens, nurseries, retirement homes, sheltered housing, nursing homes and sports halls.

Maximum surface temperature remains under 43°C to comply with NHS estates health guidance notes (1998) surface temperature regulations
Highly accurate electronic thermostat (to +/-0.2°C) with frost protection settings
Advanced touch control system offering temperature selection and preset programmes
Child lock
Eco-Start – delayed start anticipatory control
Open window sensing technology
Splash proof to IP24 for use in bathrooms
BEAB approved

The LST is intelligent, monitoring the effect of its actions on a room’s temperature. It knows precisely how long it takes to get to the desired temperature and when to turn off as it approaches that target temperature. This minimises the energy that it uses, while maximising comfort – keeping occupants warm for the lowest possible cost.

An integral fan allows the LST heater to heat the room up more quickly and react more responsively to changes in room temperature than non-fan-assisted heaters. This means improved control, comfort and energy saving. Utilising fan technology also means that it is possible to achieve a higher heat output than comparably sized non-fan-assisted convector heaters, yet still comply with surface temperature restrictions.

The heater control lets you choose when you want to heat the room and to what temperature. This electronic interface comprises an LCD display screen and six touch-sensitive buttons: Menu, Back, Advance, Up (arrow), Down (arrow) and Enter, which make an audible ‘beep’ when pressed. The pitch of the sound will rise and fall in line with the temperature selected and the temperature display is also colour-coded to assist the visually impaired. Audio feedback may also be disabled where not required.

LST comes with four pre-programmed timer modes: Out All Day, Home All Day, Holiday and Use Timer. The times of these may be modified to suit your lifestyle, plus there is a handy Advance function that lets you change your settings temporarily. For example, you might want to give a ‘Boost’ of temporary heating for between one and four hours.

LST has a unique, self-learning delayed start function called Eco-Start. This functionality learns the thermal characteristics of a room and determines how long the appliance needs to operate in order to reach target temperature based on factors such as room size, heat losses and the prevailing weather. Measuring the heat-up and cool-down times of the room, and how they vary with external temperature, the heater will work out what time it needs to start heating in order to reach the user-defined target temperature at a specified time. Inevitably this minimises wasted energy and can deliver cost savings for users since with a traditional system, you would need to estimate when to set the heating to come on to ensure it preheats the room in time. Depending on your settings and the prevailing temperature, this could mean that the room is still cold when you enter or that it has been warm for some time before it needed to be. However, with clever Eco-Start, LST anticipates when it needs to start heating to reach a preset temperature at the required time, pre-heating for shorter periods when the weather is mild and longer periods to ensure you’re warm in winter.

Should a window or door be left open accidentally, LST will detect a sudden change in temperature and scale back the output to 50%. Once the window or door has been closed, LST will return to normal operation. This technology ensures the output from the heater is reduced when heat is escaping from a room, thereby avoiding wastage and saving money without the need for additional, external sensors.

LST also features a Child Lock to prevent little hands from tinkering with your settings. Activating this simply requires the pressing and holding together of the Back and Enter buttons on the heater control for three seconds.

LSTS towel rail


Low surface temperature towel rail

This compact rail meets the NHS guidance notes on safe surface temperatures. The surface will not exceed 43°C during operation. This makes it ideal for hospitals, schools, retirement homes, sheltered housing, nursing homes and public restrooms

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