Commercial radiant heaters

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Whether zone heating or al fresco dining, the Dimplex range of radiant heaters for professional projects includes models for indoor or outdoor use with quartz or ceramic heating technologies.

How does radiant heating work?

Just as the sun’s rays heat the earth, so our radiant heaters use this same method of heating objects (whether people or buildings) rather than the air between them for effective performance.

Radiant heaters transmit infra-red energy which is converted into heat when it is absorbed by objects which in turn then begins to warm the surrounding areas as surface temperatures rise.

Because the energy is only turned into heat as it comes into contact with solid objects, this heating technology can be used either indoors where building insulation would normally be a problem, or outdoors where localised heating of people is desired. In this instance the heat provided is highly efficient as very little is lost into the atmosphere, unlike other methods of heating.

Types of Radiant Heater In the Dimplex Range  

Ruby sleeved element - Designed to offer a warm red glow, these short wave length elements operate at 2,200°C to provide a directional zone of heat.

Ceramic - These ceramic encased aluminium elements operate over a longer wavelength at up to 700°C to provide a softer heat without the glow experienced with the ruby and gold element types.

Infra-red element - These medium wave length infra-red elements operate at 1000ºC and provide an ideal combination of fast heat output and effective performance.

Gold finish halogen element - These gold coated elements work at similar temperatures to the ruby sleeved elements but also boast a gold finish that improves energy transmission by up to 15%.

The benefits

  • Heats like the sun - Radiant heat passes through the air and heats solid objects making it highly efficient wherever it’s installed
  • Instant heat - No need for expensive pre-heating, these heaters give heat instantly, cutting the cost of heating intermittently used areas
  • Low running costs - Because only the intended occupants are heated, not the air around them, you only pay for the heat you really need, rather than a whole area, or the atmosphere
  • Silent running - With no moving parts, the Dimplex heaters are silent when operating, making them perfect where noise would otherwise be a problem
  • Low capital cost - By only heating chosen areas, capital costs can be reduced with fewer heaters when compared with other systems

Benefits over outdorr gas heaters

Perfect for increasing the number of covers with outside dining, or expanding the comfort across new zones of a property, Dimplex all-weather outdoor heaters are the ideal response. Easy to install, safe to use and one of the most effective solutions for outdoor heating currently available, with a number of benefits over outdoor r gas heaters, not least they do not heat the atmosphere or have heat blown away in the wind.

Easy to install and needing no regular maintenance unlike gas patio heater - which also have inconvenient and expensive gas bottles to change and store - electric radiant heaters transmit harmless infra-red radiant energy, providing heat at the flick of a switch – 365 days a year, making them the ideal hassle free, ‘fit and forget’, outdoor heating solution.

The Dimplex outdoor heating range are some of the most efficient outdoor heaters available and much kinder to the environment The instant directional heat can be felt straight away, with no waiting for the heater to warm-up. Even on a breezy day the heat will not be blown away and the heaters are water proof so even on rainy days, they can still be used.

  • Extremely efficient, providing comfortable warmth with only a low energy input. A 2kW radiant heat unit will gives off heat comparable to a 12kW gas heater
  • Heat loss is minimised with infra-red technology heating solid objects only
  • No need to transport heavy gas bottles, so reducing carbon intensive distribution
  • Running costs of only 10p-14p per hour  (based on model and tariff of 7p kWh)
  • Can be linked to PIR sensor
  • No regular maintenance – heating elements lasting up to 5000 hours

Dimplex outdoor heaters can be permanently mounted on a wall or on an umbrella*, so cannot be knocked over accidentally. And because they are electric you don’t need to worry about poisonous carbon monoxide, or potentially explosive gas bottles stored on the premises.