SmartRad Heater

Smart Rad

Heating with lower temperature water for commercial environments

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SmartRad Heater

Dimplex SmartRad® sets new standards for approaching electrical heating, using far lower temperature water – and far less of it- than conventional radiator systems, providing a controllable, responsive and energy-efficient alternative.  

The range is designed specifically to work at the low-flow temperatures produced by heat pumps and they are ideal for use either instead of, or alongside, underfloor heating.

SmartRad is a proven response in new build and refurbishment properties where it is not always possible or practical to install underfloor heating, or wall space is at a premium.  A key lock function is also available for commercial environments such as care homes, schools and hospitals, where operators would want to restrict access to the main control unit.

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SmartRad Heater

Less energy, less water, more heat

SmartRad is optimised for use with heat pumps by achieving excellent performance at water heating temperatures as low as 40ºC.

Containing only 5% of the water volume of a conventional steel radiator, SmartRad’s low thermal mass allows it to heat up two times more quickly than conventional radiators and react more responsively to changes in room temperature, meaning improved control, comfort and energy saving.

With a compact footprint and flexible installation options, SmartRad is ideal for retrofit installations in place of conventional radiators or in new buildings instead of, or in conjunction with underfloor heating. SmartRad is the perfect complement to any heat pump installation.

SmartRad Heater

Less energy, less space, more control

Unlike conventional radiators, SmartRad uses a compact, high efficiency heat exchanger and intelligently controlled fan to assist convection and delivery of heat into the room.

This significantly increases heat output and means that, despite lower water temperatures, SmartRads are significantly more powerful and can be as much as 3.5 times smaller than a conventional radiator with the same level of output.

Fast and responsive, with accurate room by room control SmartRad is compact, attractively styled and offers a practical cost effective alternative to underfloor heating, without the constraints of oversized radiators. This means that heat pump systems become not only more cost effective in new build projects, but can also be retro-fitted in existing properties with minimal disruption.

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