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Electric fires - Benefits to the developer

Low capital & installation costs

Compared with other fuels, Dimplex electric fires and suites offer extremely low capital and virtually no installation costs. They simple plug into a 13 amp socket so can be installed in a matter of minutes just prior to completion. This is a real bonus for builders as it can assist with faster build times and improve cash flow as products / labour are not required until later in the schedule. A knock on effect is that there is less concern over ‘shrinkage’ issues as products do not need to be on site for long.


Design flexibility

Because Dimplex electric fires and suites don’t require a chimney, flue or pipe-work, their location within a room is very flexible. There are no regulatory or planning issues associated with positioning of flues. For the property developer, this has two key benefits: complete freedom of design – an important aspect particularly in multi-occupancy buildings – and secondly, major cost savings in both capital cost and installation time.


As a fuel source electricity is available right across the country and is also ideal in sensitive areas or in listed buildings where structural alterations are difficult. Only electric heating gives such freedom of design.


Ideal for show homes

On most Dimplex electric fires, the flame effect can be enjoyed without the heat, which is great for creating a warm welcome in any show room but without overheating customers or running up high energy bills.


Safe and reliable for your customers

Because Dimplex electric fires and suites don’t burn fuel internally to generate heat there are none of the associated safety risks, such as carbon monoxide poisoning. Your customers won’t have to worry about regular servicing – saving them time and money


Energy efficient

All Dimplex fires are 100% efficient at point of use, so no heat is wasted which is good for the environment and your customer’s utility bills. And because the flames can work independently of the heating, your customers can enjoy the relaxing flame effect all year round.