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Heat pumps for care homes and retirement complexes

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It is not always an easy task to find a heating solution that meets the regulatory requirements of the care home sector without compromising on performance or running costs. Products must be fit for purpose, energy efficient and safe for vulnerable residents and visitors.

Dimplex offers a wide range of electric heat pump products that offer peace of mind for your clients. All supported by expert guidance and added value services, to help you meet the unique demands of the care home sector with confidence.

As the UK’s population continues to age demand for managed, retirement living properties continues to rise. As the market leading HVAC supplier in this sector, Dimplex has helped a number of retirement living providers to understand its complex needs and drivers to deliver tailored solutions on budget and to plan.

The majority of developments are purpose built and therefore must meet the latest building regulations achieve a ‘pass’ on their SAP calculations. In addition, many sites will be required to meet additional more stringent targets based upon local planning policy - such as a 20% reduction in carbon emissions. Dimplex’s knowledge is central to helping developers understand and meet the changing regulatory landscape and the role that heat pumps can play.

Traditionally this sector has favoured air source heat pumps as the capital costs are lower and the build program is shorter. In recent times ground source heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular due to the higher efficiencies giving benefits in SAP as well as the income generated through the Non-domestic RHI in the UK.

A communal heat pump has proved an ideal solution for Retirement living properties as the developments typically charge a fixed amenity charge meaning it isn’t necessary to individually meter the heat to each apartment. The economies of scale of having a number of heat pumps linked together via the Master controller in a central plant room is more economical than numerous small units per apartment.

The high efficiencies of heat pumps are also attractive to retirement living providers because they typically maintain the apartment complexes meaning keeping future energy costs low is a key factor.

In the future, as Building regulations drive up Fabric standards, there will be an increasing requirement for cooling. Using a Dimplex ground source heat pump to provide passive cooling offers an ideal solution for intermittent cooling loads. In addition Dimplex offer both air source and ground source ranges that are able to meet greater cooling demands using reverse cycle cooling.

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