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Commercial and Industrial Electric Fan Heaters

Whether you require a boost of heat or a full heating system, Dimplex designs portable and installed electric fan heaters to meet all of your commercial and industrial requirements.

How do they work?

Fan heaters work by forcing air across an element or heater battery to heat the ambient air in a given space. The more air that passes across the heating element the more quickly the temperature will rise in that area.

The velocity and distance the air is moved also affects the heater's ability to heat. The faster the airflow moves, the less time it has to be warmed by the elements giving rise to greater areas being heated to lower temperatures.

As heat rises, so heated air naturally heads for the ceilings giving a stratification of warmer air at the ceiling down to cooler air at ground level. For this reason, it is always recommended to install de-stratification fans to help keep warmer, heated air at ground levels where it will be experienced most.

Where de-stratification fans are not available, the positioning of fan heaters at a higher mounting level blowing down can help offset the effects of rising warm air by throwing this air back towards ground level.

Commercial fan heating benefits

  • Economical building heating – This is one of the most simple to install methods of heating a building, with air flow being directed wherever it’s needed.
  • Fast response heat - Where other systems require pre-heating, fan heaters provide heat to quickly address a shortfall or boost the temperatures.
  • Flexible heating - Commercial fan heaters are as adept at providing a temporary heat source as they are when permanently installed.
  • Positioning - The direction of the fan heaters when multiple ones are used also affects efficiency. By directing airflows so they do not clash, a more even temperature will be achieved across the whole building area.


  • Suitable for small rooms to larger industrial environments
  • Wide range of models with outputs from 3kW – 12kW
  • Fan heating systems with up to 120kW available
  • Choice of portable or wall mounted models
  • Single heater controls or electronic system control options
  • Multi-directional wall brackets and rugged handles available
  • Heavy duty construction for reliable long service
  • Long life, durable components used throughout

There are four types of fan heater in the commercial range, providing a heating solution for most applications.

Compact commercial fan heaters

Providing cost effective localised heating, this range is perfect where an occasional heating boost is needed. Models with and without wall controls are available.

The PFH compact range - Perfect for use in garages, workshops, offices, store rooms or almost any small commercial situation. These heaters are designed to provide unobtrusive heating with automatic thermostatic control and multi-adjustable mounting bracket all included as standard. With performance tuned for maximum heating effect, these heaters are sure to provide an effective and economical heating solution. Thermostatic control fitted to all models giving the optimum balance between heat requirements and low running cost. A fan only mode provides air circulation for summer use.

Portable commercial fan heater

Designed for commercial environments where high visibility and rugged construction is a must.

Pro Series - Robust twin turbo ceramic fan heater with a unique design that can be used free-standing or wall-mounted. Built-in room thermostat ensures the heater is energy efficient, providing a cost-effective and comfortable working temperature.

Wall mounted commercial fan heaters

With rugged construction and high quality components, these heaters come as standard with wall mounted controls giving a cost effective heating solution

CFS ranges - A range of robust portable wall mounted fan heaters suited for general purpose commercial and light industrial use. Rugged styling with a ‘chunky’ go anywhere appearance, these models provide fast heating wherever and whenever it is needed. The CFS models are designed to offer economic heating for small to medium sized commercial environments. Sold complete with wall controller, they offer an all-in-one solution for many commercial and light industrial premises.

High power wall mounted commercial fan heaters

Offering electronic system control, these heaters are operated from one additional controller with programmable digital thermostat and timer functions across the range.

The CFH high power range - High power electronic fan heaters that use centrifugal blowers for faster airflow and heavy duty elements for effective heating in larger, more challenging industrial environments. An additional controller allows control of up to 10 heaters with accurate digital programming control built-in, and is connected via a simple PC network cable.

The CFCH Multiple heater control system - Designed for exclusive use with the Dimplex CFH range of industrial fan heaters. The CFCH control system provides central control over multiple fan heaters connected via the simple electronic control bus system fitted to all CFH range heaters. With building heating requirements up to 120kW, this control system has a number of key features for convenient automatic operation in larger buildings including seven day programming and run back timer.