LA 40 AS Heat Pump

Heat pumps for community buildings

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Community buildings like village halls, scout huts or leisure centres need careful consideration to ensure the effectiveness of heating systems. Like any building, you must consider the building fabric, insulation and glazing – not to mention the frequency that the building is in use, and by whom.

Dimplex offers a unique combination of innovative heat pump products with market leading support services including heating system design, to help you overcome any challenges faced by community buildings.

Dimplex has developed a comprehensive range of high efficiency air and ground source heat pumps up to 130kW specifically designed to help communities meet their building’s heating objectives. They cater for the highest efficiency renewable heating and cooling solutions, challenging traditional methods of heating, whilst meeting the energy and carbon reduction demands required now and in the future.

Traditionally this sector has favoured air source heat pumps as the capital costs are lower and the build program is shorter.

A heat pump proves an ideal response for community properties. The high efficiencies of heat pumps are also attractive where keeping future energy costs low is a key factor.

In the future, as Building regulations drive up Fabric standards, there will be an increasing requirement for cooling. Using a Dimplex ground source heat pump to provide passive cooling offers an ideal solution for intermittent cooling loads. In addition Dimplex offer both air source and ground source ranges that are able to meet greater cooling demands using reverse cycle cooling.

Dimplex provides free CPD presentations for Consultants and building professionals about renewable heating which we will be happy to present at your office location if required. If you would like more information or would like to book a CPD presentation please contact pre-sales.