LA 40 AS Heat Pump

Heat pumps for the education sector

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With a continuing programme of new builds and refurbishments, there are plenty of opportunities in the education sector. But you must understand the unique regulatory requirements and the challenges faced by your clients when it comes to heating choices.

Dimplex has specified electric electric heat pump products for the education sector over many years. Our team can work with you to design the heating systems you need, combining innovative solutions with expert guidance every step of the way.

Budget cuts and rising costs have meant it has never been more important for educational organisations to reduce running costs. In addition, as educational facilities look to expand into new premises the restrictions imposed by local planning and building regulations are making heat pumps an increasingly viable option.

For existing buildings with oil, LPG or electric heating air source heat pumps are a popular choice due to their speed of installation and low capital costs which can quickly reduce running costs. Ground source heat pumps are more suited to new build or major refurbishment projects due to the significant ground works required.

Integrating renewable technologies into the design of the build helps developers make new developments more attractive to future students as well as achieve targets such as BREEAM excellence.

Dimplex has a range of Air source or Ground source heat pumps which offer heating and/or cooling. The heat pumps are of mono-bloc construction which uses water as a transfer medium. This gives an advantage over VRF systems for properties such as schools and colleges that have relatively small plant rooms which would limit the size of the VRF refrigeration loops due to the practical limit in the event of a refrigerant leak.

For larger buildings that require more than one heat pump, Dimplex offers the Master controller. The master controller not only manages the heat pumps within the system, it also ensures even compressor run times, ensuring longevity of the heat pump. 

As well as a space heating demand, schools and colleges have high hot water demand that can easily be served solely by a high temperature heat pump, or the heat pump can work as part of a bivalent system to pre-heat the water which is topped up by a boiler. Many education facilities will a have swimming pool and qymnasia facilities which are suited to being heated by an air source heat pump which offer quick returns on the investment as swimming pools have high heat demands all year.