LA 40 AS Heat Pump

Heat pumps for heritage buildings

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With strict planning requirements and listed statuses to consider, you may find your choice of electric heating and air products reduced when specifying for historic buildings. The energy costs for buildings of heritage are a significant worry for their owners as many of the typical measures such as cavity wall insulation and double glazing simply are not appropriate, but it is important to keep these buildings warm and dry to preserve them for future generations.

Dimplex’s range of ground source heat pumps offer both high temperature and high output options. Where the existing heating system has usually been installed and upgraded over a period of time as it isn’t feasible to rip it all out and start from scratch. Dimplex high output and high temperature heat pumps supply heating water at a temperature high enough to use existing radiators in many cases which is ideal in a property which needs to retain its original features.

The high output units are compact enough to fit into the existing plant room and can be banked together via the master controller to work together to meet the heating demand of the building.

Ground source heat pumps are particularly well suited to historic properties as they often have significant land available on the estate to install the collector, in some cases there is a lake or river where the collectors can be installed. The historic properties are normally managed by a trust or a family, in either case, they are motivated to invest in the long term future of the property which makes ground source heat pumps are an excellent investment as the collector will last for many years.

When replacing Oil or LPG heating the installation of a heat pump offers fast payback. The renewable heat incentive in the UK makes the installation of a heat pump even more attractive.

Dimplex works with installers to understand and overcome the challenges posed by historic buildings. Choose from a wide range of heat pumps, all supported by a market leading design team to help you make the right choices for your client.