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Installed panel heaters for historic buildings

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With strict planning requirements and listed statuses to consider, you may find your choice of electric heating and air products reduced when specifying for historic buildings.

Dimplex works with installers to understand and overcome the challenges posed by historic buildings. Choose from a wide range of electric panel heaters, all supported by a market leading design team to help you make the right choices for your client.

The Dimplex Panel Heaters use convection to heat a space up quickly, maximising operational ability with a range of controls that allows the user to time their heating in line with their occupancy.  Low inertia ensures rooms heat up rapidly to match the occupancy patterns of the property, and accurate thermostats avoid room temperature ‘drift’ meaning the room can then be accurately held at the temperature required for the duration of occupancy, creating a comfortable environment.

LST - The low surface temperature electric heater

The Dimplex LST range has been specifically designed to meet the heating requirements of particular environments where members of the public such as children and the elderly are liable to be present.

Each fan-assisted heater has been optimised to give the maximum output to efficiently and rapidly heat the room, from the most compact and slimline style available, ensuring that no part of the heater exceeds 43°C surface temperature.

Dimplex LST is the perfect heating solution for public sites, school rooms and interpretation centres.