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Portable air treatment for historic buildings

With strict planning requirements and listed statuses to consider, you may find your choice of air products reduced when specifying for historic buildings. Dimplex works with installers to understand and overcome the particular challenges posed by historic buildings where the threat to listed structures from damp or overheating can be considerable. Dimplex offers a portfolio of innovative portable air treatment products, all supported by a market leading design team to help you make the right choices for your client.

Air purifiers

These are designed to draw the existing air within the room through a filtration system to take dust particles and odours out of the atmosphere. The Dimplex air purifiers also offer Viro3 technology that traps airborne impurities via plasma generator technology.

To improve the purification efficiency, door and widows should be kept closed where possible.

Cooling fans

These are a cost effective way to cool the air by simply recirculating the current air within the room and passing it through a motorised fan blade. They do not reduce the air temperature.


These are used to reduce condensation or humidity levels within a room. Typically they are used to reduce levels of damp that occurs within dwellings.

Humidifiers/Aroma diffusers

These moisten the air within a room, where typically heating systems have dried the air. It is also possible to scent the air with the addition of essential oils with certain models to enhance the atmosphere of a visit.